"The Odd Fellow Retirement Home is the answer to senior citizens who enjoy being with others. . . . The staff is professional and has a caring and loving attitude. We both know our Mom is being well taken care of and is happy. We couldn't have found a better place for her to live and thrive."

—Valerie Shrives Smith and David Shrives

"My father lived at Odd Fellows for fourteen months. During that time he was treated with respect and caring. . . . What I liked most of all was that the staff was always there with the residents giving them a pat on the back or just a sit down conversation. How wonderful that in our hurried world you give that very important gift of personal attention."

 —Sandra Sothern, Robin Anderson, and Gerogeann Godsey

"We want to thank you for all the good things you make possible here at our new home. It's a year next month since we've been here! It was especially great that you made it possible for us to go to 'Oklahoma.' I'd wanted to go to one of the shows and this is special to both of us"

-Bill and Sara Knight